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Collecting Diecast Cars: From generation to generation

I started collecting Diecast cars when I was a young boy of about 7. My parents had already purchased a handful of them by the time I was 4, but my ‘collection’ of them started when I was old enough to ask Mom and Santa for more.

My brother Joe and I would spend hours racing our Diecast cars around the room, jumping them off homemade jumps, racing them, and of course crashing them into each other. We didn’t know as toddlers and adolescents how valuable well maintained toy cars would be one day, or we might have taken better care of them.

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Around age 15, I went to a car show/swap meet with my Dad and brother, and came across a vendor selling Diecast cars still in the package. The prices he was asking (and getting) made me a little sick to my stomach at first. I had some of these very cars in my room, but mine had suffered blunt force trauma at the hands of rambunctious boys. At that moment, my outlook changed, and I vowed to take better care of my toys.

The next time I purchased new cars, I bought two of each. That way I could leave one in the package, and still be able to display and play with the other one. By now, I was more interested in girls and sports, but I never lost the interest in my car collection. Even then I knew that one day I would want my kids to have these amazing cars to play with.

My first child was born when I was 34, and thankfully we had a son. By the time he was 2, little Isiah had already found his dad’s old collection of toy cars. Some of them are over 30 years old, and yet they are still producing hours of fun for the next generation of my family. I think it really says something about the quality and timeless nature of Diecast cars in general. So many toys these days won’t last one generation, much less 2 or more. I’m very much looking forward to teaching my son about cars, as well as collectibles as he grows older.

Middle age is here, and the dream of owning a sports car never materialized. These days I drive my 2010 Silverado to my job in the military, and my wife drives an SUV. Fortunately, my love of cars has never subsided. One of life’s great pleasures is watching my son recreating scenes from my own childhood with his Diecast cars.